In 1981 a group of Software Developers began working together at a large corporation. After a couple of years, discussions began

about the possibilities of forming their own company. This group continued discussions periodically throughout the years. Realizing a greater potential, this team of ten experts reunited, in the fall of 1989, and their company became reality.

A decision was made to form a technology company with an emphasis on treating employees and customers with the greatest respect. The "Golden Rule" would be our motto. We will not sacrifice relationships or customer satisfaction for profit and our reputation will be our most valuable asset.

Our name was derived from our ventures together. We began as ten partners who were living in the Dallas, Texas area. We used the Roman numeral "X" for "Ten" and added "ID" for "In Dallas". Our company thus became XID which means, "Ten in Dallas".

Since its humble beginnings the company has steadily grown to include clients in manufacturing, technology, professional & financial services, telecommunications, travel industry and retail/consumer products. In addition, we have developed alliances with companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise Connect Worldwide.

We continue to provide companies with a wide variety of services, products and implementing custom training solutions.